Bubble Bath: How to Make One

A nice long bubble bath is the perfect solution for feeling stressed, out of sorts, or even frantic. The feel of warm water embracing your body, soft bubbles tickling your skin and the smell of essential oils can quickly make your stress float away.

A nice long bath can instantly flip your mood from sullen to zen.

So read along to learn how you can make the best bubble bath to wash away your worries and stress.

How to Make the Best Bubble Bath

Spas are an essential part of our lives, but we don’t have to always go out to get that perfect rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. 

Sometimes, you’ll find everything you need without leaving your home.

Things you’ll need:

  • Your favorite bubble bath formula (We have a DIY bubble bath formula below if you’re interested in making your own.)
  • Bath salt
  • Your favorite scent (candle, incense, or oil)
  • Book or a tablet
  • Music
  • Bath towel for drying
  • Drinking water
  • Face mask

After gathering the essentials, start preparing your bath.

1. Create the ambiance

Before you submerge yourself in the tub, create the right setting.

  • Set up your music if you prefer to listen to sound
  • Place your towel where you can easily reach it from the tub
  • Prepare a hot beverage, like tea of cocoa, or pour your favorite alcoholic drink. 
  • Make sure they’re within reach and on a stable side table
  • Never place glassware on the rim off your tub because they might fall in and shatter

Finally, light a few candles. Do this step last because you don’t want to be walking in and out of a room with lit candles in a room. An open flame is a likely cause of fire. Follow candle safety so that your bubble bath time is absolutely worry-free.

2. Let everyone know you can’t be disturbed

This is your private time, so make sure that everyone at home is aware of it. Letting them know that you can’t be disturbed will keep people from knocking on your door or calling your name. Unless it’s an emergency, try not to take phone calls either.

3. Grab your favorite bubble bath formula

Topless Girl in Bathtub With Bubbles
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Use any bubble bath, but you can also choose to make your own. It’s easy, fun and you can add all the essential ingredients you want. 

Homemade bubble bath materials:

  • 3 cups of water
  • 1 cup of liquid soap
  • ½ cup of coconut oil (you can also use glycerin)
  • Your choice of essential oil 
  • Plastic cup or bowl


  1. Mix water with soap and coconut oil
  2. Add your choice of essential oil and mix
  3. Transfer your mixture into a cup and you’re done

4. Pour your bubble bath mixture into the tub

The secret to a bubbly bubble bath is to pour the formula as the water runs into the tub. Continue pouring until the tub reaches the level of bubbliness that you like.

Make sure that the water temperature is just right. Too cold and you’re not going to get a good night’s sleep, and too hot won’t make you feel too comfortable. Test the water with your hand and make sure that it’s warm.

5. Soak, take a deep breath, and relax

Now, it’s time to grab your glass of wine (or hot cocoa), turn on your music, and relax. You can also watch a movie or read a book. If you’re using a tablet or a laptop, make sure that they’re placed safely on a stool or a table so that they won’t get in contact with water.

After your bubble bath, make sure to rinse your body thoroughly in the shower and pat yourself dry.

Are Bubble Baths Sanitary?

Woman in Bathtub With Water
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Baths have been a part of our culture for centuries, yet, some people are still wondering how sanitary it is to soak in the water for a long time.

The fear isn’t without reason. Bathtubs can get really dirty. 

According to Sloan Barnett, author of the environmental living book “Green Goes with Everything,” a survey found that 5 percent of Americans identified their homes as the place where their kids mostly catch the infection, and 3 percent believed that the bathtub is the germiest place in their homes.

Another way bubble baths cause issues is through the ingredients used in some commercial bath products, like bath bombs, salts and bath soaps. Some bath bombs contain glitters and parabens, among other harmful chemicals that you shouldn’t be putting anywhere close to a sensitive area, like your vagina. 

Be careful of what you purchase and bring to the baths with you. Harsh ingredients not only cause you to itch but could result in infections as well.

How to Enjoy a Healthy and Sanitary Bath

Bubble baths are therapeutic. It’s been proven through centuries from natural hot springs to onsens. It stimulates your skin so that it releases endorphins, much like how our bodies react to sunlight. It relaxes our bodies and promotes better breathing. But it has to be done right.

First, make sure that your bathtub is always clean. Disinfect your tub after every use, and if you’re using a bathtub at another place, make sure to clean and wipe it thoroughly before using.

Second, choose better products and invest in bath soaps or salts that are hypoallergenic or designed for sensitive skin. Choose unscented products and organic ones (if possible) that are produced by reputable companies. 

You could check out Honest Company’s Fragrance Free Purely Simple Bubble Bath, which is plant-based and formulated for kids. Burt’s Bees is also a leading brand when it comes to natural skincare products so you can check their body care line for hypoallergenic body wash and soaps.

Is it OK to take a bubble bath every day?

So your bathtub’s sanitized and you’ve switched to better products, the next question would be “Is it OK to take a bubble bath every day?”. 

The straight answer is no. You shouldn’t be having bubble baths daily. The ingredients and chemicals in the bath products you use could still irritate your vagina if it gets in contact with them frequently. 

When it comes to the feminine area, the only part you should be washing is the outer part of your vulva and it should be washed with a cleanser or just pure water as your vagina is designed to clean itself. 

Also, if you’re wondering how long you should stay in the bubble bath, then it depends on how long you can get the water to stay warm. If you’re OK with getting pruney, then you can stay longer than 30 minutes. Soaking too long can lead to dry and itchy skin, so keep your bath time under an hour.

After a warm bath, dry yourself well to prevent bacteria and yeast from growing.

Take a shower instead of a bath on normal days. Treat bubble baths as a reward and take them in moderation. 

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