Putting More Women in Business: NGOs Promoting Careers for Women

Despite all the progress society has made since the Middle Ages, women still face disadvantages in the labor market. According to the United Nations’ (UN) “The World’s Women 2020” report, only less than 50% of women are in the labor market. The pandemic has had a lot to do with that statistic. It declined women’s employment to 9%, compared to only 7.8% in men.

On a positive note, women held 51.8% of all management, professional, and leadership roles in 2019. But only 37 women carried the role of CEO in a Fortune 500 company as of May 2020. And that was already a record-high number. Meanwhile, men held 463 CEO positions in the Fortune 500 in the same period.

Furthermore, the gender pay gap still exists. The soonest it might finally close is in 2059. At least, the gap has shrunk in some industries, in which women only make 98 cents for every dollar men make. Even so, that difference is still significant for a variety of reasons.

If you’re a woman running a business for women, advocating for equal rights in the workforce will make a great corporate social responsibility (CSR). You can also push for more women to hold public office. Using technology, such as an innovative CSR management software tool, you can find NGOs and make regular donations. You can also track your donations, match your employees’ individual donations, and start campaigns. That said, here are the NGOs you should check out:

1. Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund

More women than men become victims of sexual harassment in the workplace. But because of the personal and professional consequences of reporting incidents, many women are forced to stay silent. In companies where gender biases exist, it can be almost impossible to apprehend a male perpetrator. Even more so if he holds a high-ranking position. On top of that, pressing charges can be costly. But Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund is changing that.

The National Women’s Law Center backs up this NGO. It seeks to provide legal assistance to women looking to report harassment that occurred at work. Two months into its inception, Time’s Up Legal Defense has already processed 1,700 reports from all over the world, including Kenya, Kuwait, and the U.S.

2. Anita B. Org

As men continue to dominate roles in the tech sector, Anita Borg started Anita B. Org, an NGO that helps women excel in technology. They provide educational resources in coding and diversity to women in the U.S. and other parts of the world. Anita B. Org also holds career fairs exclusively for women in India.

3. Dress for Success

woman in corporate attire

When going on a job interview, dressing the part is crucial. Unfortunately, some women can’t afford the appropriate wardrobe for the role they’d like to apply for. Dress for Success is here to help. For over 20 years, the NGO has been helping women across the world obtain the apparel they need to realize their professional dreams. Dress for Success accepts apparel donations and then distributes them to communities and countries that may not have the access to high-quality and professional clothing.

4. Plan International

Plan International focuses on young, vulnerable girls, and offers them quality education. They also influence policies and practices at local, national, and global scales through reach, experience, and knowledge. Among Plan International’s goals is pushing for gender equality, gender justice, and an inclusive society. They also tackle the root causes of discrimination against girls and other injustices against them.

5. Women for Women International

Women for Women International focuses on women from war-torn countries. Their projects aim to teach women how to save money, influence decisions in their homes and communities, and enhance their well-being and health. The NGO’s projects have so far helped women discover their rights, such as voting, access to land, divorce, and legal assistance for abuse and child custody.

6. Men Engage Alliance

You can strengthen your campaigns against gender discrimination in business by also involving men in your cause. Men Engage Alliance is an NGO that teaches men and boys about gender inequality and other social issues concerning women’s rights. They also shed light on HIV and AIDS, discrimination against the LGBT+, and violence between men and boys. As such, they develop boys and men who would not be sexists, misogynists, or aggressive. Joining forces with such people will help empower women and put certain kinds of men in their place.

One of the most meaningful things you can do as a woman leader is to be an inspiration to other women who look up to you. Help women and girls around the world realize their potential, one campaign at a time. Educate people about the persisting gender inequalities too, so that you can influence other businesses to support your cause.

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