Empowering Women Curating a Holistic Go-Lifestyle for Success

When women take charge of their lives and adopt a holistic lifestyle, they will move in a healthier direction. Holistic living means you look at your life as a whole. A holistic lifestyle considers your diet, exercise, sleep, and health habits as elements working together to create your state of wellness. Because you infuse your actions with a positive energy, you might think of it as a “go lifestyle.”

Empowerment Accessories

The ability to live an empowered, holistic life is already within us all. Your own instincts can help you seek and embrace the best you can be. Remind yourself of everything you’ve already survived. Face every fear with resolute confidence and step forward through any problem.

Women often represent their beliefs with accessories or jewelry. A tote bag is a fun accessory, and you could place an empowering message on a tote bag to inspire yourself to live your go lifestyle. For example, you could get a tote bag that says, “Lose the glass slipper and shatter glass ceilings!” Other empowerment accessories could include socks or scarves with female empowerment symbols, such as a raised fist drawn inside the female gender symbol. 1

Make your empowerment personal with custom jewelry. You could order a necklace or pin with your name or initials. You might buy earrings or a bracelet with sparkling stars to remind yourself you’re a star. Your empowerment accessories don’t have to be fancy; if a neon pink ankle bracelet or chartreuse headband makes you feel fierce, then go ahead and wear them!

Confidence-Boosting Treatments

There are days when your confidence may lag, and this can affect your body negatively. To help yourself find an inner spring of life, treat yourself to a spa day with skin rejuvenation treatments. Some pampering at a spa is just what you need to kickstart your go lifestyle. Getting a new hairstyle, a manicure, and a pedicure will do wonders for your frame of mind.

But you deserve to pamper yourself occasionally, so why not choose additional spa treatments? Many holistic spa treatments are available, and they can refresh your skin and improve your appearance. For example, one California spa offers a “HydraFacial”: a mild chemical peel followed by an infusion of peptides, hyaluronic acid, and antioxidants. The treatment takes 30 minutes, and it reduces facial discoloration and refreshes your face. 2

A Portland, Oregon, spa offers a full body treatment that begins with a brief massage using essential oils. You’ll then be wrapped in warm linens infused with eucalyptus, peppermint, and lemongrass. When the wrap is removed, the treatment is followed by a Vichy shower to stimulate your circulation. The treatment is meant to revive you and restore your natural energy. 3

Empowering Health Journey

If there are aspects of your physical health that need attention, don’t neglect them. Even if it takes extra effort to care for yourself, remind yourself that you’re worth it. Some steps you need to take may require concentrated effort, but your health is worth it. Seeing your life through a holistic lens means your inner self can’t shine as brightly if your physical health isn’t at its best.

If one of your health goals is to lose weight, there are healthy ways to lose weight that don’t include deprivation or endless exercise. A holistic weight loss program can easily be incorporated into your go lifestyle by using basic nutritional information. One of the most essential principles is to stay hydrated – since water aids your overall health and gives you a feeling of fullness. The body’s internal signals for hunger and thirst reach the same part of the brain, so drinking enough water may help you avoid overeating. 4

Since a holistic point of view includes body, mind, and spirit as equal elements of the body, it should be no surprise that a healthier spirit can promote your ability to lose weight. Get in touch with something that helps center you and calm your soul. You can use yoga, prayer, a walk by the beach, or a bubble bath. Whichever you choose, a few moments tuned into your inner self each day will help your body relax and lose weight.

Fueling Success Diets

A significant part of a plan for holistic weight loss is making healthy food choices. You’ll need a balance of nutritious, healthy groceries that will keep you full. Just as a holistic approach emphasizes a balance of all of your aspects, a healthy food plan requires a balance of nutrients. Our bodies need a daily balance of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats.

According to the Mayo Clinic, a whole-food approach to choosing foods means your food will be minimally processed. You’ll eat only foods directly from the earth, aligning your inner self with the planet. One approach to choosing the right foods is to begin by “shopping the perimeter”: buying foods typically located in the aisles at the outer edges of the grocery store. This way, you’ll have plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, lean protein, fresh dairy, and eggs.

Your go lifestyle needs fuel, so your body needs complex carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates are those that haven’t been processed, like whole grains and legumes (lentils, chickpeas, quinoa, black beans, etc.) You’ll also need to select healthy fats like olive or canola oil. Keeping to these food choices will simplify your diet and help you lose weight.

6 Expression through Body Art

One of the ways a person can express themselves creatively is through body art. People may visit tattoo parlors to get one tattoo or to fill an entire body part with a series of tattoos. According to Chron (an online newsletter of the Houston Chronicle), women who choose tattoos tend to get them on their hips, feet, or ankles. 5

If you’re considering getting a tattoo but are frightened it will be painful, you can be reassured that it’s not that extreme. Some people with tattoos describe their application as feeling like a bee sting or a needle stick – over and over. Their reports also state they usually get used to the sensation. After the process, those who get them will typically be glad that they got the tattoo.

According to CNCTattoo, the tattoo most frequently chosen by women is a butterfly &, symbolizing freedom and life transformation. Women who want to embody a spirit of courage or bravery may choose a lion. Your chosen design should reflect something special and an image that resonates with you. Living your own life can include choosing to express your identity in your own unique way. 5

Wellness Breakthroughs

Massage therapy can benefit your body when your muscles are sore. However, it provides you with other benefits, too. According to the Mayo Clinic, a massage can reduce stress and assist the immune system in fighting infections. Massages offer these benefits because the pressure on the soft tissues caused by the masseuse will release tension from the muscles. 6

Some doctors will prescribe massage as part of a patient’s wellness plan. Massage has been shown to reduce cancer pain and relieve constipation. It can also promote healing from soft tissue injuries, like bruises. If you’ve had massages and enjoyed them, you should give yourself a gift of regular massage sessions as part of your go lifestyle.

There are several types of massages you could choose when you go to a full-service spa. The most common style of massage is Swedish massage, which uses long, gliding strokes. When people have tense muscles and muscular pain, deep-tissue massage is often chosen to relieve the tension and ease the discomfort. Another popular type of massage uses hot stones placed on the body to help the client relax.

Safe Haven Strategies

Part of embracing your new empowerment attitude means taking your personal security into your own hands. A home security system is a monitoring system that will detect entry into your home. You will receive a control panel or base station when the home security system is installed. The system installer will also place door and window sensors in your home to detect entrance attempts.

When the system detects entry, there will be a brief pause to allow you to disarm the system. A siren and alarm will sound if you aren’t the one who entered. This action will alert a professional monitoring company of the alarm. The monitor will call you to see if it’s a false alarm and call the police if it was an unauthorized entry.

There are many different companies offering home security systems. Some systems come with a door camera that texts you a picture of the person trying to enter. Once you install the system, you’ll feel more secure when leaving home. After all, part of living with a go lifestyle means being able to leave your home without being worried about someone breaking in.

Empowering Safety: Secure Door Solutions

A security door is often part of your overall security system. Security doors have the same purpose as security systems: preventing intruders into your home. These doors may also feature a camera that is activated by unauthorized entry. Although purchasing a security system may give you more features than a security door, systems are typically more expensive.

Most security doors will display a sign outside your home that alerts possible intruders that your house is protected. The sign may deter anyone from trying to break in. Another benefit of installing a security door is that it increases your property value. A prospective buyer will see the security door and be glad the home is being protected.

One feature a security door may offer is protection from the weather. Security doors are often made from more durable materials than storm doors. This feature can help you feel more secure if your area has many storms. If your go lifestyle includes going outdoors in all types of weather, you’ll be glad to know your home will be protected.

Transforming Outdoor Spaces

As part of your journey to live a holistic life, you can redecorate the spaces around your home. Those places may include your driveway, garden paths, and landscaped trails. Asphalt is a mixture of pitch and gravel spread by an asphalt installer at your home. When the installation is finished, you will have an attractive path that will be easy to maintain.

Asphalt has a clean, smooth black surface that can go with many types of outdoor landscaping plans. You can place asphalt in many places. For example, your go lifestyle may include outdoor entertainment. When your friends visit, you’ll be glad you have smooth, attractive paths that lead to an area where you can relax and have fun.

If you want to save money on your asphalt paving project, ask the contractor about recycled asphalt. This type of installation uses asphalt that came from asphalt repurposed from previous projects. This reuse is possible because, unlike concrete, asphalt doesn’t go through a chemical change when water is added. Asphalt’s chemical structure remains the same when it is paved into the paths of your yard.

Empowering Outdoor Escapes

Your empowered and holistic lifestyle should include regular exercise. One of the most refreshing and enjoyable exercises is swimming. One advantage of swimming is that it’s a low-impact exercise. Swimming is also low risk, which means almost anyone can do it and reap the benefits of water exercise.

Swimming provides a unique form of exercise. Swimming uses almost every muscle group in the body. So, swimming gives you a complete workout with less effort. Swimming also reduces anxiety because the gentle rhythm will soothe your inner self.

To increase the frequency that you’ll be able to swim, consider getting a pool installation in your yard. If you have a pool in your yard, your go lifestyle could include daily swimming. You could invite friends over for a swimming party.

Your life is your adventure, and deciding how it will go is up to you. With an attitude of empowerment and a philosophy of holism, you can make decisions that will improve your wellness. Don’t travel the same path as everyone else; make a path of your own and confidently walk it.



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