How to Start Planning a Bachelorette Party With Safety in Mind

A bachelorette party is among the most exciting parts of the wedding process. It’s the time when the bride and her friends get to let their hair down, have a great time, and celebrate. It’s the ultimate girls’ night out.

While it’s all fun and games, planning can be quite overwhelming. As the maid of honor, you want to ensure you all have an unforgettable experience but you also want to ensure everyone’s safety. How do you plan a bachelorette party with safety in mind? Here is a guide on how to start planning a bachelorette party and ensure safety.

Plan Transportation in Advance

The first step in how to start planning a bachelorette party with a focus on safety is ensuring reliable transportation for the entire group. You and the girls need a mode of transport without worrying about who will drive or how to get back safely. While you could use your everyday car, chances are it won’t fit all of you. You could also have several vehicles, but you’ll get separated, and some of you will miss out on the shared fun.

The real risk, though, is getting drunk (which you might) and having to drive back. You should have fun, get home safely, and prepare for the wedding. You don’t want to spend the night in jail, get fined, and risk your lives. America had over 44,000 deaths from road accidents in 2023, according to Forbes. A significant portion is down to DUIs (driving under the influence).

Consider renting a commercial limousine or a party bus for the night. Such vehicles will have several designated drivers to ensure you do not worry about driving. They also add a touch of luxury and excitement to the event and make the bride feel special.

Usually, they aren’t that expensive, considering the number of people and the convenience. You can split the bill; if you don’t have the money, you can always take a quick loan. Just ensure the credit provider is in line with local lending compliance laws in your state.

Renting a limo or a party bus in advance helps you plan your way through the night. You can set up a schedule of all the places you’ll go to with the driver beforehand. For example, you can decide everyone will visit a teeth whitening clinic, then proceed to a dinner location and finally hit the club.

Have Some Alcohol Safety

Your next step on how to start planning a bachelorette party with safety in mind is responsible alcohol consumption. It’s no secret that such parties involve drinking, eating, and general revelry. However, drinking games and alcohol shots should not be wild and reckless. As the maid of honor, you must set some grounding rules to avoid issues later. Even if it’s a small bridal shower, alcohol should be limited.

For instance, ensure everyone eats before they start drinking. Drinking with an empty stomach is generally not a great idea. It can lead to severe intoxication, and you don’t want that, especially with people expected to be at a wedding.

Next, ensure no one has excess alcohol. There are many ways to have fun without going overboard with the drinks. First, decide on the type of drinks you and your girls will have before the big night. Drinks have different alcohol contents, and you can avoid the stronger ones. That way, even if you have a binge drinker in the group, they will not have a higher alcohol intake.

You can also introduce alternate drinks, such as mocktails, to pace alcohol consumption. You can also have pre-selected cocktails instead of an open bar where anyone can order any drink they want. Lastly, learn some symptoms of alcohol poisoning. According to the Mayo Clinic, they include vomiting, confusion, seizures, pale skin, slow breathing, and trouble staying conscious.

Keep Safety Phone Apps

Another must-have skill on how to start planning a bachelorette party with safety in mind is technology. Women face significant risks when traveling. It’s worse when they are alone and in a party atmosphere. While America has had more women traveling alone, according to Forbes, it’s not entirely safe.

However, that doesn’t have to ruin your plans for a bachelorette party. You and the girls can leverage technology. The internet has numerous smartphone safety apps to protect women traveling alone or in groups. Some of them can contact emergency services like the police or ambulance.

Others have a background listening program that monitors for potential dangers. Ensure everyone in the group has one of these apps installed before you leave. You can also have a designated emergency person back home that the app will contact in case of an issue.

Secure Your Belongings

The next step on how to start planning a bachelorette party with safety in mind is securing personal belongings. When parting, losing track of your purse or phone is easy, mainly because your attention is elsewhere, or you’re drunk.

You, the bride, and the bridesmaids need to be cautious. You need to secure your belongings in a safe. Ideally, put them in your traveling limo or party bus. You can also use a hotel safe if you spend the night there. While you might love that gold chain or earrings, a dance floor in a crowded club is not the place to flaunt it.

Additionally, safety does not only apply to expensive items. You must also safely keep your personal information, like credit cards and IDs. Also, do not leave your drink unattended; you never know who might spike it. If you and your girls are out shopping before the bachelorette party, all essential items should be in your car trunk or locked up in the limo. If possible, avoid carrying any valuables at all, especially custom jewelry.

Inquire About The Safety of Your Venue

The US has countless venues that host bachelorette parties, including clubs, beauty spas, golf clubs, and hotels. While a good number have strict security measures, some don’t. While that does not mean you’ll get attacked, taking some precautions is better.

To further ensure the safety and success of your event, the next step in how to start planning a bachelorette party is to thoroughly research and inquire about the safety of your chosen venue. Check if the venue is in a high-crime area or has had any previous incidents. You can also look for reviews or ask around from friends who have been there before.

Additionally, before booking the venue, inquire about their security measures and the safety protocols they have. It could be surveillance or personnel trained in handling any potential issues. If the venue does not meet your safety standards, look for another one. Besides, there’s certainly no shortage of fun and safe places to host bachelorette parties.

If you are planning to have some dining in a hotel or restaurant, assess the overall environment. Some venues may be in bustling areas that are safer in numbers, while others might be more secluded, necessitating extra caution and preparation. Making these inquiries also reassures all attendees, allowing everyone to relax and enjoy without worry.

Share Your Location With Family and Friends

Another integral step in how to start planning a bachelorette party with safety in mind is to share your live location with a trusted circle. While America is safer for female travelers than most countries, it has crimes against women. According to Women In The States, about 47.1% of women experience psychological aggression, while another 31.5% experience physical violence.

As you celebrate the bride-to-be, keep your loved ones posted about where you are. You can share your location through phone applications such as Find My Friends. That way, they can quickly locate and track you down in case of an emergency or if you go missing. It’s also essential if your friends get separated.

However, location sharing is also risky, especially when shared with the wrong people. For instance, sharing your live location with your friends on social media may attract unwanted attention. If you must share information about the party, post it without indicating your live location. Even if your account is private, it’s better not to share.

Plan To Stay Together

Another step in how to start planning a bachelorette party with safety in mind is making plans on how to stick together as a group. There is safety in numbers, and you’ll have each other’s back. Besides, it’s more fun that way, especially now that you all want to have some shared memories.

Before hitting the dance floor, designate a meeting point that everyone knows about in case anyone gets lost or separated from the group. You can also make plans to have everyone have one similar accessory, like a cap or a hairstyle. That way, if your venue is crowded and all of you are having fun, you can spot each other from a distance.

For instance, womens cowboy hat, which is unique and eye-catching, would work well as a unifying accessory. Consider purchasing matching ones to help the group stick together and make for some fun photos! Plus, ensure you are together when leaving.

Plan To Stay Hydrated

Hydration is another crucial consideration in how to start planning a bachelorette party with safety in mind. It might seem obvious, but it’s easy to forget when you’re busy having the time of your life. You don’t want anyone getting dehydrated and potentially ruining the fun or worse.

Alcohol is a big part of bachelorette parties, but it can also dehydrate you. You must ensure that everyone in your group stays hydrated by drinking water throughout the day or night. You can even make it fun and have some non-alcoholic drinks mixed in between.

Ensure the venue has enough water supply. If not, you can carry your supplies. You can also pack some non-perishable snacks to keep everyone’s energy levels up. Staying hydrated and fueled will help keep everyone energized, ensuring the party continues without hiccups.

Water is even more essential if you’re parting on a luxury yacht in the sea or ocean. Dehydration could lead to seasickness, which is unpleasant and a safety concern. The same applies to bachelorette parties in golf clubs. However, do not get tempted to drink the water from the sprinkler systems.

Know The Local Laws

Knowing the local laws is also an essential step in how to start planning a bachelorette party with safety in mind. Cities and states have different rules, for instance, on drinking in public places or noise restrictions. As much as you want the bride and your fellow maids to have a blast, it wouldn’t be prudent to be on the wrong side of the law.

Before heading to your bachelorette party destination, research the local laws that may affect your event. It will help you avoid unwanted run-ins with law enforcement and ensure a smooth sailing celebration. For instance, some cities have strict noise restrictions after a particular hour. So, if you’re using a party bus, ensure the music isn’t too loud past the designated time.

Additionally, if you plan to drink in public places like beaches or parks, ensure it’s legal in that location before then. Some cities have designated areas for drinking, while others strictly prohibit it. For instance, according to Rogers, Arkansas, the state of Arkansas prohibits drinking in public places. Knowing and following these laws is essential to avoid complications during your bachelorette party.

Moreover, a local family owned business renting out a venue, such as cabins, might have different rules and regulations than commercial hotels. For instance, vomiting in disposing of trash in the washroom in such places may attract fines for toilet repair. Knowing these rules beforehand is essential to avoid any misunderstandings during the party.

Your friend needs one final blowout with her girlfriends before tying the knot. The best way to make it happen is to plan a bachelorette party. This memorable day’s primary goal is to have fun and enjoy that group bond.

However, safety should always be a top priority in every party planning process. How to start planning a bachelorette party with safety in mind depends on taking the necessary precautions and being aware of your surroundings. By following these steps, you can ensure a smooth and safe party for the bride-to-be and her friends.

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