Why Do Swim Schools Keep Kids in Daily Clothes?

For those who think kids always learn how to swim in bathing suits, this video may be surprising. In it, viewers see children learning to swim in regular, daily clothes. Let’s take a look at why some swim schools think this is an important skill to learn.

While learning to swim in shorts or a swimsuit is undoubtedly useful, there may be times when a suit isn’t available.

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If a child falls into a lake or other body of water, they may panic if they’ve never swum with normal clothes on before. Learning how to swim in clothes helps reduce this anxiety and gives the child the best chance at rescuing themselves.

Swimming with clothes on is a little more challenging than swimming in a bathing suit. That’s because the additional fabric soaks up more water, making it heavier. Children need a little extra strength and agility to deal with the added weight and cumbersome clothes.

Swim schools teaching these skills tend to focus on kids being comfortable and happy in the water. They avoid the stressful connotations and, instead, help children gain the skills they need while having fun in the pool. By allowing kids to learn how to swim in clothes and how to easily get out of a pool while wet and heavy, parents could help save their lives.

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